Gattuso vs Manchester

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La GRINTA di Rino

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Bimo Darjomo says:

2018? And now they meet again

safero subijantoro says:

Gattuso like PREDATOR

Giuseppe 10 says:


Mamad Taufik says:


Milanisti Indonesia
Leone d'al Indonesia

pum iao says:


Giovanni Versace says:

Mi piace a chi lo vede a distanza di 11 anni forza milan

El bandido. says:

Gattuso uno di noi
Fuck uk

ilham pahlevi says:

rhino gattuso

rachid talbi says:

Gattuso merda

Ruthless Agression says:

Gattuso is bringing milan back to winning ways recently gattuso has been undefeated more than 10 games as a manager of ac milan what a legend❤

Hermawan Indarto says:

miss gattuso

Luca Romiti says:

Uomo vero cuore rossonero!rino Gattuso uno di noi!

احمد غدي says:

هل ترسل كل ما يتعلق ب as Milan

Michał Gruszczyński says:

The best match in 21century ac milan"s. 3=0 in second match 1/2 champion league.

themostawesomepig says:

I'd take a Gattuso over a Roy "Fucking Bitch" Keane any day. Keane was dirty, Gattuso just rough

Leonel Morales Escalante says:

Gattuso es el mejor jugador que a existido en esa posicion

Patrick Mattes says:

2006-2006 CL. Man Utd vs. AC Milan. 1st year really followed Serie A. Became Milan fan then and big part of it was the Defensive Triangle of Maldini, Nesta and Gattuso! Those 3 had endless amounts of energy, incredible skill, and worked brilliantly as a team. WOW!

Agus Wiloso says:

defense midfelder legend…!!

extratrmon says:


Dhandhit Ben Syakhar says:

the real gladiator.

Carloseduardo Antoniobarreto says:

Gattuso = Leonedas 300

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