The Worst Moment In Football History | Ronaldo Injury |

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Re-Upload .. The 16th anniversary of the worst memory for our generation. 12/4/2000 .. The sad moment when Superman met his kryptonite
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12/4/2000 Inter Milan vs Lazio Copa italia

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اكابل صورتك يتحرك الوجدان says:

هنا فقدنه كرة القدم لذتهه ومتعتهه

Material.swiloo Material.swilooo says:

the great him

BraveHeart The Great says:

The greatest footballer of all time



Guillermo J Bello says:

So this injury is worse than the death of some football players on a field. Shame on you.

vitaly goji says:

What pisses me off is when I try to search for Ronaldo, bunch of portugees gay resources show up. That girl-faced homo has no shame filling all internet with his spam. Christiani (or what's his name) should go by another name instead of stealing trademarks from Ronaldo. They are absolutely shameless theives. I don't know how people tolerate that…

Aron says:

0:35 Sinisa Mihajlovic right there

Praveen John says:

just take a moment to appreciate the medical staff who worked had behind Ronaldo's recovery. once the knee is injured, it's done. But what a magnificent effort they had put together to bring Ronaldo back to his best.

JhonnLT says:

He is still the best scorer of the World Cup. Klose passed him, but it was because Brazil BLACKED OUT. All the players were lost, that was not a normal game.

Ali Khudir says:

مؤلم جداً
كنت أتمنى ان لا تكبر ابدا لكي تستمر في الملعب اسطورة خالدة يستمتع بك الكون كله
I love you ronaldo ❤️

Farid Mezhoud says:

Quelle tristesse

# just do it says:

Your skill can destroy you

Shara Gh says:


Juan urrea says:

For me de best dc of the history

轟轟轟のロケット男ボルツ says:

I love Ronaldo
From Japan

Ralf Charles says:

I've never seen someone like Ronaldo the Brazilian soccer player.He has courage,motivation and he was determined.No one can do what he did after the injury.For me,he's the best ever…???????

Akshay Harinadh says:

What about neymars injury in 2014 worldcup

Жаныш Муканбетов says:

Будь здоровь легенда

Bara Setyaki says:

l saw this moment….

cristian ricci frabattista says:

Il fenomeno n1

Sawi Otsutsuki says:

If he wasnt injured…

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