AC Milan vs Liverpool 3 3 (2 3) Highlights (UCL Final) 2004 05 HD 1080i (English Commentar

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登録してお金を稼ぐ 登録してお金を稼ぐ お金 FULL TIME : AC Milan 3 (2) vs (3) 3 Liverpool AC Milan scorers : Maldini 1′ , Crespo 39′ & 44′ Liverpool scorers : Gerrard 54′ , Smicer 56′ , Alonso 60′ Thanks for .



On May 17, 2006, Barça had its name engraved on the Champions League trophy for the second time after overcoming Arsenal 2-1 in Paris. Goals from Eto’o .


Dani says:

That Milan team is absolutely disgusting

DailyMeds says:

Commentary is hundreds

Giorgio Mirobelli says:

There will be a reason if this match is called "Istanbul Miracle" or "The Cursed Final". It would also be enough to just ignore all the facts and just jump directly at 6:53 and you will understand why it has these nicknames. That double rescue on the goal-line in the last 3 minutes of extra-time doesn’t make any sense at all, quite literally unbelievable. I bet that in that exact moment, whoever was watching the game, understood that it was over for Milan.

Cap Camper says:

What a comeback!

Jatan ` says:

Yine as bayrakları yazan salaklar çıkmaz inşallah

Carlos Romero says:

And then Xavi Alonso and Kaká end up playing for Real Madrid.

Pedro Toledo says:

Good game. Two teams deciding who would lose to Sao Paulo at the world champ final

Colloquial Soliloquy says:

Schoolyard captains:
I pick Maldini!
Crap,that leaves me with Traore
I pick Stam!
Ok,I'll have Carragher
I pick Kaka!
Ok I'll have Gerrard
I pick Shevchenko!
Oh for fuck sake Baros!Fuck sake

For the record,as a United fan,this is how I saw it.Hamann changed the game,Gerrard brought the hope,Carragher threw everything into defending.Dudek got lucky,but redemption,but beyond Rafa and the much lampooned Traore,I think Hamann deserves the most credit.

Robert Waste says:

What a match

Max Gbaguidi says:

Thank you legend steven gerrard

Alban Strakosha says:

Milan Liverpool Best Team

Veratikon says:

"Hello, hello. Here we go" Those words make me smile, every time

SingHD10 Zan says:

Quando riguardo questo video mi viene da dire come cavolo abbiamo fatto a non vincere

Rod Champ says:

How can you like a football club? The players change, the managers change, the stadium even changes – so what is about a team that you love?

Ryan Allan says:

That shot by Riise would have been a great goal.

athana kop says:

Kaka, Nesta, maldini, cafu, stam, crespo, gattuso, shevchenko what a team.

سلومي s says:

كانت بتكون الثامنه وضيعواةفرص اكثر واعتقد تقدم حارس ليفربول قليلا ولا انا علطان

Michał Danek says:


Rito Gomes says:

tudo isso pra perder pro maior do mundo hahaaa

vamo sao paulo

Subhasish Mukherjee says:

Unbelievable come back it was. Was thinking of switching off the TV as it was 3-0…. but what a turn around…. lucky to watch this match live…

Kharisma Kharisma says:

Quien era el portero del Milán?

Граф Дякула says:

I аm from Ukraine and Shevchenko was the pride of the nation. He is my the best footbol player

Lâm Nguyễn says:

Benitez he's legend

cm punk says:

İstanbul important for the Liverpool

Isaac Chua says:

I can't forget this moment. It happened when I was 14. Lol

Kamil Olszowka says:

Best Final ever ! Crazy Dudek…

TheSusMaster says:

Pirlos penalty should’ve been retaken

Olaf Witte says:

It´s Phil Thompson on co-comment this video?

레이시티 says:

6:53 Dudek life save

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