ac milan song lyrics 2015

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Ac milan song in english lyrics


milanista chok says:

forza milan

Sukhendu Chatterjee says:

Proud to be a Milan fan.

Ahmed Y says:

i love milan Since I was born to Death

rey1jj says:

Sadly, they are the 2nd most successful club in the world.

Modivic Al-Gady says:

Milan alone with you , Milan always for you …….

thciswack99 says:

play this in my funeral

MultiNour1996 says:

Mila mila <3

Dinano Payne says:

inter is the best team (okay I'm kidding) 😀

hazim alsubhi says:


Daan Hoppener says:

Rui Costa @forzamilano

Yousef Al-Howmy says:

Milan is big warm family
Thanks for the video

Zinho Haidari says:

i damn proud to be a Milan fan

Yasser Elassaly says:

Forza Milan

Steven R. Kogeldans says:

El Shaarawy and Balotelli heroes!!!!!!

Steven R. Kogeldans says:


gene bagaydaya says:

Milan sempre per te….

hamza baasto says:

milan deserve to love forever and thank you meou saigon

meou saigon says:

i love milan forever

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