Manchester United vs AC Milan 3-2 – UCL 2006/2007 – Highlights (English Commentary)

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veoma zanimljivo says:

back in days when you had 6-8 potentional champions league winner every year

Abdallah al anazi says:

Ac milan kaka❤️?

Angelo Battaglia says:

What happened to these two legendary clubs..

Ariel Cr7 says:

masa kejaya'an ricardo kaka we love you full ??

Özgür galatasaraylı says:

Good old days 🙁

Natan Jardim says:

Kaká was using Cheat. He was in every Milan´s chances of score

Natan Jardim says:

I really dont know how we (Brazil) lost the 2006 World Cup. Kaká, Dida, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Robinho, Juninho, Roberto Carlos

shabani midelloh says:

Most Brazilian players are so unlucky they waste their talents before the twilight of their carrier.

JF says:


Palestra1914 says:

Krl o Dida Falhava demaaaaais ta louco.

Ade Supriadi says:

How could you Kaka??! Top Class!

Thang Mach says:

Great betting odds this game. Friend told me not to bet £10 33/1 on this.. 3-2 score.

Muhammad Ryan Kurniawan says:

Kaka legend speed & skill

Rafael dos santos says:

Kaka faz muita falta na nossa seleção brasileira…volta kaka

Antz says:

I remember this game, i was relieved we won but man that 2nd goal by kaka was unbelievable. Just 2 sick??

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