2007 final highlights: Milan 2-1 Liverpool

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Watch the best of the action from the final in Athens as a Filippo Inzaghi double helped Milan get redemption for their defeat against Liverpool two years earlier.

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Joan Ruiz Jacob says:

so shocking to having witnessed the decline of AC Milan…

Alban Strakosha says:

where is this Milan ?

Александр Нефёдов says:

Привет команде мечты из 2018

DonCesar93 says:


Alvin Anis says:

2005-2012 were those good days when EPL clubs were running rampant in Europe.

JustTooLit says:

Maldini the legend

SamerYT says:


Señor Black says:

Algún día Milán Algún día volverán 🙁

Sherry Mellia says:

Back when a man who can't playing football can score goal.

Poppy Dog says:

This is sad but AC Milan got their revenge

Anouar dz says:

look at that maldini , ?? he just love ucl finals

Anouar dz says:

i miss Milan ??????

burhan9026 says:

the champions league was more interesting and competitive before, not only spanish teams as it is now

ᴇsᴘɪʀɪᴛᴏ ᴅᴇ ᴘᴏʀᴄᴏ says:

A vingança veio a cavalo… (Revenge came on horseback…)

anıl erden says:

Milan took the revenge from Liverpool in Athens and won the cup 2-1

Adam McGrath says:

Liverpool are bullshit

andrisoul 88008 says:

Milan is weak

Nouras Muhammed says:

AC Milan Era

Giorgio Mirobelli says:

Aww yeah Liverpool…. open ur mouth baby ?????????????

Coach says:

The revenge

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