Ronaldo vs Siena Serie A 2007

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First match for the 30 years old Ronaldo in the Milan’s Starting Linup and he ended up scoring 2 Goals and made 1 assist for his new team… Old Channel Link: ◄► … For daily updates and videos join The Facebook Page: ◄►
Ronaldo Ac Milan vs Siena Serie A 2006 2007



1 Dida Brazil Brazil 10/07/1973
29 Valerio Fiori Italy Italy 27/04/1969
16 Zeljko Kalac Australia Australia 16/12/1972
Filippo Perucchini Italy Italy 06/10/1991
26 Marco Storari Italy Italy 07/01/1977
31 Luca Antonelli Italy Italy 11/02/1987
25 Daniele Bonera Italy Italy 31/05/1981
2 Cafú Brazil Brazil 07/06/1970
5 Alessandro Costacurta Italy Italy 24/04/1966
36 Matteo Darmian Italy Italy 02/12/1989
19 Giuseppe Favalli Italy Italy 08/01/1972
24 Leandro Grimi Argentina Argentina 09/02/1985
18 Marek Jankulovski Czech Republic Czech Republic 09/05/1977
4 Kakha Kaladze Georgia Georgia 27/02/1978
3 Paolo Maldini Italy Italy 26/06/1968
13 Alessandro Nesta Italy Italy 19/03/1976
44 Massimo Oddo Italy Italy 14/06/1976
17 Dario Šimić Croatia Croatia 12/11/1975
23 Massimo Ambrosini Italy Italy 29/05/1977
Gastone Bottini Italy Italy 24/02/1987
32 Cristian Brocchi Italy Italy 30/01/1976
Marco Fossati Italy Italy 05/10/1992
8 Gennaro Gattuso Italy Italy 09/01/1978
20 Yoann Gourcuff France France 11/07/1986
28 Alex Guerci Italy Italy 31/07/1989
22 Kaká Brazil Brazil 22/04/1982
21 Andrea Pirlo Italy Italy 19/05/1979
10 Clarence Seedorf Netherlands Netherlands 01/04/1976
27 Serginho Brazil Brazil 27/06/1971
15 Marco Borriello Italy Italy 18/06/1982
33 Davide Di Gennaro Italy Italy 16/06/1988
11 Alberto Gilardino Italy Italy 05/07/1982
9 Filippo Inzaghi Italy Italy 09/08/1973
7 Ricardo Oliveira Brazil Brazil 06/05/1980
99 Ronaldo Brazil Brazil 22/09/1976
Carlo Ancelotti Italy Italy 10/06/1959

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caliedson marques says:

Ricardo Oliveira matador do cartola 2018. Kkkk

Paulo Castro says:

Mesmo já não estando mais no seu auge, sempre puxava 3 jogadores na marcação. O jogador tinha duas opções: deixar passar sem falta e ele ir embora ou então fazer falta. Dificilmente ele saia perdendo um lance. Pra sempre fenômeno. O melhor que vi jogar.

Ryszard Kiliński says:

This man was unbelievable! Barca debiut: 2 goals, 1 assist; Madrid: 2 goals; Milan: 2 goals, 1 assist… what a man can say…. R9

monthira luxlain says:

messi is the best .l like messi so much

Federico Di Giacomo says:

E forza Marcos Cafu goooool

Federico Di Giacomo says:

Grande giocatore Ronaldo forza milan oleeeeeeeee

mike the Knight says:

Ronaldo was a goal machine…Milan had good team that year. .

fahid muhammed says:

my hero ronaldo 9

Daniel Celle says:

que bueno era ronaldo
y gordo

MrPorquoipas says:

biggest mistake from kaka or actually berlusconi selling kaka to real

Turkmen C.C.C says:

What a talent what a speed what a technique… incredible how he played with magic…. something what messi and c.ron can't give us the days what he gived to us.

ramon 19 says:

11:06 foi aí que kaka machucou o pubs

Alex S says:

грандиссимо рональдиссимо амброзиссимо!

Edison Eder says:

Porque mier. Lo ponian a ronaldo muy atras!

M. O.G. says:

unfit and out of shape,and still scores…..oh man they dont make players like him anymore 🙁

Cleber Tomahawk says:

Kaká, Ronaldo e Ricardo Oliveira trio matador

Hamlet telmaH says:

@7:29 I heard what i think was Aubameyang, wonder what that was all about. The Original, the one and only real Ronaldo is my all time favorite footballer and that's never gonna change, he was an incredible footballer. Back when Kaka was still the best player in the world and Milan were still great. Man i miss the good old days where Milan was one of the best teams in the world and would attrackt great players. Thank you Beeko99HD #Fenomeno

Psycoskills Football says:

more Ronaldo Milan please

Alshikh raad says:

فديوهاتك ميه ميه..
شكراً ياباشا…
أنت عربي؟؟؟؟

LegendaryAMVs says:

well carlo also said cr7 is the best player he has coached so fck off you R9 fanboy

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