Arsenal football players full squad salary per week 2017 .

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Arsenal football players full squad salary per week 2017.

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Akram Ikraam says:

That's not coucqlien

Gaurav Kutemate says:

Do I even comment? Dumbass!

mo raji says:

You can't even get the names right so how do you expect us to believe the weekly salary you need to start doing some homework lol

sij 80 says:

how can Alexis and ozil be earning close to Ramsay and Walcott. no wonder they want hugs increases. even Walcott is earning more than Giroud. Arsenal and their stingy wage structure. They run that club like my frigging like the place I work at.

Wame Rhodes says:

Thats not even Francis Coquelin you idiot

Quentin Louisiana says:

hey excellent upload 🙂

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