Beckham Shuts up LA Riot Squad at AC Milan vs LA Galaxy Game

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During the La Galaxy vs AC Milan game on July 19, 2009…Beckham sets up the play…Bryan Jordan scores the goal…Shuts up the LA Riot Squad!


hintonSF says:

I think the only way to stop these arguments, regardless of place of origin, is to call the sport by its proper name, association football.

Potato Raptor says:

Lol, fucking idiot! xD

Potato Raptor says:

Fun fact: Did you know… Pelé was the first person to call the sport, 'The Beautiful Game'?

Aaron Lam says:

0:04, am i the only one who notices the guy just casually chucking a front flip..

big angry illegal duck says:

what is the name of that song that plays in the background after the goal

18corley says:

Are you actually alright? The Scottish invented football? They've invented eating dodgy animal parts and frying things in batter and that's about all, football was developed in England and when it became Association Football the Americans decided to use the Association word rather than football abd shortened it to soccer, does it really matter? why don't you just stop crying and go and toss a caber

chukaluk says:

i never said it had to do with Scotland, jamboboy21 did

narcocholo420 says:

Fuck all yall youtube trolls! This was some g shit straight up

Jon Focker says:

i like how he interacts with crowd, not just a robot!

Kevin Anderson says:


kezza454 says:

it started off has mob football where towns and villages played each other and tried to get a ball to the other end of te town. thousands of people played and the only rule was no murder. then it became more formal and a set of rules were created as the rail system was created and towns were able to play towns from miles away

drecosnis says:

for some reason the LA "Riot" Squad was booing and insulting him for not being a true Galaxy player (because he went on loan to AC Milan in the winter) and he shut them up. I was at that game and he did pretty well. Galaxy fans are fickle and the pussy ass Riot Squad shouldn't be allowed to call themselves fans after that game. Bunch of retarded band-wagon hoppers if you ask me.

Cap'tn Swagoo says:

Why would he shut up his own fans? Stupid video is stupid

ElectroGamer says:

did you just say that soccer is the original name for the sport?

seoulmn23 says:

Why not? After all, it is the ORIGINAL name of the sport.

Vic Sperano says:

You are one of the very people I've found who aren't ignorant idiots when it comes to this matter, whether it's 'football' or 'soccer', it doesn't even matter, I agree 100%

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