FOOTBALL MANAGER 2015 LET’S PLAY | A.C. Milan #53 | Champions League Final

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FOOTBALL MANAGER 2015 LET’S PLAY | A.C. Milan #53 | Champions League Final
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Addicted2FM says:

Congrats on the treble man, great series as per usual! 😉

Noahtjuh says:

very nice footy! following since you did that FM career with fc lewis or something lol!

Tiago Rodrigues says:

Playoff goals don't count for the CL golden Boot

_Lewis17 says:

Great way to end the season

Hudos says:

I have to wonder how this season would have went without the signing of Rodrigo. You don't often see a player make this big of a contribution during their first season at a club.

Great work anyway. Your tactic obviously brought out the best in him.

Mon the rangers Wat mate? says:

it's mad how well you've done in this save,and in such a short time,well done footy♥

Ohiozoba Egwaikhide says:

started watching your series like two days ago and i am done, you can imagine, you are among one of my best youtubers now, not to mention how much i love football manger again.

Morgan Perry says:

Wow! What a terrific run! This is a big deal because it's not FIFA where you can just use your controller to smash goals. Once the game starts in FM, the players are on their own. Very good job, Footy!

Daniel Everett says:

well done mate, you're the best FM player I've ever seen, I am absolutely crap compared to you

AsafDay says:

Since FM reads the game as N, I don't think you got the home advantage.

MrSmallz07 says:

That Reaction, " I told you was gonna do it". "I done it, i done it". Priceless. #Comeonfooty

PianetaVegeta says:

Congratulations 😀

Karol Warowny says:

Why you can`t win with Manu ????

Gustaf Holmberg says:

Well San Siro is the stadium for the final of the CL 2015/2016 in real life, will be interesting to see!


you won the treble, congrats bro, nice vid as always

OhJackk says:

although its at the San Siro its not at home because the ticket allocation, your still going to have the same amount of fans there :!

Cliff24V says:

congratulations, mate.

Fola says:

Can you please ,aka your tactic against download

Tiago Correia says:

Great great season! And awesome video as always! 😀

Rex Wilson says:

FootyManagerTV is the best youtuber,continue doing the A.C. Milan series please 🙂

TheGabrielPT says:

Start the new season asap! I love this!!

Daniel Oakes says:

Milan reformed, well played footy

chris wyld says:

well done ever better u beatin man u as a liverpool fan great season and keep it goin good work

Jarius Garner says:

Start the new season, Congrats on the wonderful season

ExploitTheFlank says:

Great season.

Solar says:

Dont end the series please.

Tom Sherriff says:

Start the new season asap. Congrats as well mate.

Bidounet says:

Well done for your Champions League

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