Ronaldinho Funny Training [ Imitating Ibrahimovic ] With Robinho Pato T.Silva – 09/11/2010

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Milanello 09-11-2010


ideafix says:

That generation of Brazilian were the true representatives of the beautiful game and Ronaldinho was the best in Free Style.

N3LWIN says:

imitation starts in 2:22

Victor Galdi says:

''Caralho! Olha os deuses, mano!''

Beleg says:

flamini dont ruin it every time

Potato says:

lol Flamini is mad trying to keep up with the Brazilians

Ederson Silva says:

Caralho, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Thiago Silva e Pato, só os top que brilharam…

Chiti Camara says:

chiti camara

omkar bhattacharjee says:

flamini looks so bored when he is stuck with the brazilian gang

ThatKidWhoLiesAboutHisAge OnTheInternet says:

Lol, why are people always in a fucking conflict? Ronaldinho and Ibra are both great players. Quit your bitching.

Rodolfo Lopez Moreno says:

What's wrong with those moves doe?

Sold Out says:

You guys are SERIOUS that he is imitating ZLATAN?

Jodiann Walker says:

Ronaldinho stop making fun of the man! Lol!

hweenmask says:

flamini just dont fit in the brazilian circle. you can clearly tell he is not on the same level of the brasilians

RFD Driving says:

Is it just me or does Flamini just seem to be sorely sticking out in comparison to the other Brazilian guys lol?

Libby Rena says:

He's too good that's why it's funny

Antoan De Assis Moreira says:

I can do step over with my nutts just watch

filofito says:

0:43 holy shit

Ivan Ševo says:

s[oooooo funny


Samba style

Aslander94 says:

Bei tempi…

hassan Waleed says:

haha yeah cos ibrahimovic cant not match the quality of Ronaldinho, when your at that standard then it is normal to take the piss, no better man to do it 

bmstr says:

once upon a time in milan

bBlandarN says:

this time with milan was very exciting w all the good players at the time: ibra, dinho, silva, seedorf, inzaghi, cassano, nesta, silva lalala too many

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