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Just give the scudetto to Milan already

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dejan 10 says:

Great to see a Juve fan supporting a resurgent Milan. 🙂

Lord Abdu says:

Nice serie a news channel in English, Forza Milan ?

Gustavo Lizardo says:

i hope auba sign for milan and they are missing one more mc and i hope they wont sign the trash of biglia

Jugo Le Roi says:

Si le Milan va faire signer Aubameyang elle va lancé un signal fort a l’Europe et ils vont affirmer qu'ils sont de retour a la cour des grands !!

Grotius says:

After the last few years of misery , I just can’t believe how rich we are now. Tears of joy.

blomgren182 says:

As Milan fan Ive have not been excited since 2011-2012 for the new season to start. Bring Auba !

Anthony Salerno says:

Kenny tete is decent in Fifa career mode lol and Joao cancelo the right back from Valencia seems like the right back juve are going for. Also aubameyang was said not to be leaving and now there saying he is, I think it's bs.

Footymanagertv says:

Tete is fenominal

Adam Vaughan says:

lol Tete to Juve is fake news. He's joining Lyon. And was hardly a regular for Ajax

Ferntapa Ahhh says:

I mean cmon there's no use in getting too hyped over a meeting, Milan also met with Mendes over James. I don't see him wearing the Rossoneri colors.

Pell20 N says:

Muriel is a huge loss for Sampdoria .. Not really sure what Samp have in mind.. other than Muriel, B. Fernandez and Skriniar leaving, they missed on Illicic and Sneijder .. but they managed to get Caprari, a very good deal. If they get Eder back then I would say they did good on the offensive side

PowerVoltaire says:

Make Aubameyang to Milan happen! Yeah I'm talking to you, the new board of directors!

YBN Tiger says:

You guys should start doing Italians abroad again

Jason Dsouza says:

can you guys please confirm if the news about Joao cancelo to Juve is true. I hope Juve get him for the right back spot.

I.M.P MC/BeatMaker says:

Damn what a team they have now Ac Milan! I love it !

Switch. says:

You have great editing skills what editor do you use ?

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