Top 5 Free kicks – season 2010/2011 HD

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#1 Christian Romaric ~ Malaga VS Sevilla
#2 Cristiano Ronaldo ~ Real madrid VS Villareal
#3 Wesley Sneijder ~ Inter Milan VS Siena
#4 Alessandro Del Piero ~ Juventus VS Bari
#5 Samuel Eto’o ~ Inter Milan VS Bologna

Samuel Eto’o brilliant Free-Kick INTER MILAN vs BOLOGNA 4-0 15-01-2011 Cristiano Ronaldo Free kick Goal vs Villareal HD 1080P 6-2 Liga BBVA 21.02.2010 resumen highlights top 10 free kicks Malaga vs Sevilla 0-1 Romaric Fantastic free kick Malaga vs Sevilla 0-2 HD Italian Lega Calcio (Seria A) week 19 Saturday January 09 ,2010 Inter Milan VS Siena Inter Milan third goal by Wesley Sneijder
at the Stadio Guiseppe Meazza Amazing FreeKick from Del Piero Vs Bari 16-1-2011 in Seria .. Juventus Vs Bari Sunday Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(Real Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona), Wayne Rooney (Machester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), David Villa (Valencia). The players featured in this video play for countries: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Togo, Wales.Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Bolton, Chelsea, Derby County, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesbrough, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Wigan Athletic. manchester united, sporting lisbon, portugal, english premier league, skills, goals, rabona hocus pocus, sent off rooney, world cup amazing goal, joga bonito, champions league, carling cup league cup, fa cup, skillz, freekick, penalty, bbc motd, skysports, setanta sports, itv sport, nike vapor, rooney, Cristiano ronaldo, tevez, giggs, scholes, alex ferguson, pfa player of the year, pfa young player of the year leo messi Arsenal, chelsea liverpool bolton, aston villa, birmingham, derby, newcastle, portsmouth reading, tottenham spurs, sporting, rome as roma, ac milan, barcelona, fulham, Middlesbrough, everton, wigan, sunderland, west ham, manchester city, blackburn, rome roma as milan barcelona,champions league, premier league ronaldinho, messi, nani, henry, bojan, adebayor, fabregas, torres, flamini, clichy, evra, vidic, ferdinand, brown, neville, carrick, anderson, scholes, giggs,Arsenal, chelsea Liga BBVA 2008-2009 FC Barcelona Real Madrid Numancia Sevilla Valencia Getafe Almeria Espanyol Athelic de Bilbao Atletico de Madrid Betis Racing Sporting de Gijon Mallorca Recreativo de Huelva Villarreal Osasuna Deportivo de la Coruña Valladolid bojan, adebayor, fabregas, torres, flamini, clichy, evra, vidic, ferdinand, brown, neville, carrick, Barcelona Vs Bayern Munchen.The summary of match which took place at New Camp (The stadium of Barcelona).UEFA Champions League 2008-09 Cuartos de Final:FC Barcelona 4-0 1-1 Bayern Munchen Manchester United 2-2 0-1 Oporto Villarreal 1-1 3-0 Arsenal Chelsea 1-3 4-4 Liverpool Henry Mesi Eto’o Keita Ribery Alves Toni Xavi Iniesta Rodriguez Lucho Van Persie Adebayor Walcott Fabregas Senna Gerrard Drogba Torres Kuyt Lampard Fabio Aurelio Cech Ivanovic Alex FC Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea 28-04-2009 Manchester – Arsenal 29-04-2009 25/04/2009 Valencia CF – FC Barcelona Liga BBVA 2-2 vs Chivas vs manchester united espanyol barça manchester vs city Leo Messi 2009 2010 skills goals season new 100% nuevo regates tricks dribbling FC Barcelona Barça Pulga Messidona Futbol Football Review messi balon oro leo 2009/2010 ballon d’or 2009 winner LM10 Action American Football Baseball Basketball Combat Sports Extreme Golf Hockey Martial Arts Motor Sport Soccer Lionel messi Can Only Imagine barça L.Messi Freestyle Power


haydarnarin1 says:

I actually was 14 years old when I made this video so please stop flaming everyone

Ucuyo Amq says:


Sverra Mar says:

The video starts at 0:36… but I dont know if I saved you or me any time, because it took me a while to write this comment.  and maybe you spend some time reading it.. sorry about that. just trying to help… who am I talking to….^^;)

lowey38 says:

no.3 and 4 are 09/10 season. No.5 is a deflection and the first two are nothing special. What a crap Top 5

jame oversky says:

no! roberto carlos

joe liona says:

sneijder's goal was crazy!

lalala0236 says:

Check "AmazingGoals4" , they have amazing goals!

Electrostatically619 says:

12/13 5# Pirlo 4# Pirlo 3# Pirlo 2# Pirlo 1# Pirlo !

Kickerz2013 says:

Please check out our Freekick video!

Abdul Sodagar says:

Song is airplane

b medina says:

song? great vid i subbed

Lionnot says:

I think it's the wrong music for a football clip ^^

chris joey says:

song eminem sang

ForzzaFCH says:

No 5 is original Fifa style

Cookie Monster™ says:

LOL. In the 1st one, #10 could've blocked it if he wasn't such a pussy and turned away.

Adebayo Akinfenwa says:

The first 10 seconds was inspiring but then it carried on for 25 more seconds so i decided to go for a shit.

ashik rag says:

where is sugar thapa's free kick???

pedportogal says:

this is not 2010/11.

dzrevolution09 says:

you call this top free kicks !??

Samuele says:

….the #1 had a deflection wtf

Hughie Johns says:

Figueroa v stoke ???

el amo says:

what is the name of the song???

jemma merrigold says:

lewis mcgugan vs ipswich watch it !

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