Mourinho’s Press Conference | Man Utd v AC Milan | Watch Live on MUTV!

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Hear from Jose Mourinho as the boss speaks to the press ahead of United’s match against AC Milan in Los Angeles!

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kevin singhania says:

Sack Mourinho Sack Mourinho Sack Mourinho Sack Mourinho Sack Mourinho Sack Mourinho

Sa'eed ali says:

hope we see the Real the Beast MUFC … c'mon

Sa'eed ali says:

complain as usual .. Mr JM

Bryan Correa says:

a d is great in college

Bryan Correa says:

i want to coach like you i passed a college class and got a d i know this is a real job

Phil Uk says:

I hope someone's got him on suicide watch

Karl-Emil D. Grieger says:

Jose: I dont know, i have no…. I have nothing to say.

Philly B says:

he looks gay in pink! gut he is angry !! LOL



DanceySteve says:

The Miserable One.

Clint Blaze says:

always sounds like he just woke up

Paul Johnson says:

Every time the press ask a question it’s with a sinister angle …I’d response exactly the same as him

Hal Brown says:

how can he moan and whine …every year since he became manager he has spent big money..yet he recons hes short 2 or 3 more players…..?

Gary Mathe says:

He just needs another £200 million to be competitive ? MU will win nothing with players like Smalling, Fellaini, etc. etc. Don't worry about Pep, worry about even Klopp and Sarri finishing ahead of you, Jose.

Brendan Doddy says:

Play at 1.25x speed

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