Chelsea 3 – 0 Man utd

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ثلاثية تشلسي في المان يو


I Gede Tias Eka Buana says:

Where is Gallas goal?

Panathinaikos & Boston Celtics says:


murra84 says:

Best club on Earth and I dunno why im that sure about it but my heart said me that since 2002 UCL Lazio-Chelsea meeting

Mohamed Saeed says:

2006 unforgatabble.



Elvis Alarcon says:

la celebracion del basuquito jajajaja

nathalie Guzman says:

lol they was saying campeones ole ole

عزوز فابري says:

Chelsea ???????

Constantine Joseph says:

When Cech was helmet less

Jesse Abedi says:

Nice goal celebration by Drogba n Carvalho. Nice!!

Henrik Elseth says:

From one eleven to another, Carvalho..

Anh Khoa says:

love Ricardo & Didier celebration:)

Yousef AlOtaibi says:

Good days, I remember bragging about that Joe Cole goal in school.

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