Barca 5-0 Inter (Gamper Trophy)

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gamper trophy 29/8/2007


zbao 969 says:

Theme of song : brothers by yngwei malmsten

First score:ronaldinho(penalty)
2nd score :giovanni dos santos
3rd score :toure yaya
4th score :andres inesta
5th score :thiago motta

Bravo barca!!!juan gamper trophy 2007-2008

Miss old player 2007-2008

Caike Sacramento says:

2:03 WTF Fatic was think he was doing?

oneseirios says:

great team & great music as well !!!!!!!!!

csula says:

Incredibly good joke

aDezenT says:

They dididnt win shit…

Erich U says:

Yeah, that great time when they won absolutely nothing. 😉

Sanjiv Seeuws says:

I like the music!! Who's the band?

Cias Mayweather69 says:

music name?

David Ofner says:

the music.. >.<

FightNation says:

Easy ! Visca Barca !

FightNation says:

Best Fc Barcelona epoque

Missold Barca says:

Really miss those golden Barca days……Marquez, Deco, Ronnie, Yaya, Henry, Etoo, Barca really did unfair to Deco and Ronnie. They can't be forgotten for reviving barca as a world class team. No matter what you people say, Ronnie is still my hero!! Forever Barca and Ronnie fan……

Rober Llop says:

what happen with Motta??

attilla99 says:

What's song is that

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