FIFA 12 Gameplay – Milan vs Barcelona – Full match – Gamescom

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Probably the best gameplay vid out so far. Check out for all the latest FIFA 12 news! Big thanks to them for supplying the footage.

I’ll try to answer your comments below.




Oliver B says:

Mario your better than me ate playing Fifa from Oliver

Big Flava says:

please check out my channel i will be uploading fifa 12 vids and other games like that so please go and check

finn fortune says:


JaJi PäMu says:

4:20 Mailand??

douggie932 says:


Nick Gian says:

this if FIFA 12 not FIFA 13..

Carlos Tremols says:

this is terrible

Michael Moriarty says:

fifa 12 is the best one
qq why is this recording so lagging and stuff

sergiu salcudean says:

They sucked lol! noooooobs.

victor alfonso martinez solarte says:

no,,,really???? hahaha so funny

ILM. Smokepain says:

In deustch it's AC Mailand yep

Matthew Andrew Davidson says:

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guyfontenot says:

The entire UI in this clip is in German. That's why.

Nabil Zahrin says:

no one touch play???im better than these guy

Nabil Zahrin says:

who play this game??english people??hello….barcelona use to play tiki-taka style not long pass
like sunderland

AM10 says:

This game is fucking awful.

Trendy Splendid says:

The guy using Barcelona is a amateur he needs to work on Barcelona one touch, i guess the Milan guy is a better player than the Barca guy..

Trendy Splendid says:

Sergio Busguet? only on Ps he can score goals like that..

Andrew Cristopher says:

😐 telephone?

MrAdambla says:

the barcelona player sux

Sofija says:

5:15 what a jerk xD

Sofija says:

Gooooo barca

marsha bach says:

have u all played career mode in fifa 12? i played leverkusen and some shitty ass team can wooped my ass, i forget the team's name but they just moved to bundesliga from bundesliga 2. i mean serious shit, they beat me 3-0. the legend AI seems unbeatable. i hope it will get fixed, also the fuckin referee and other bugs. cause all these stuff makes me crazy and shout "FUCK U FIFA!"

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