AC Milan vs Barcelona 1-0 – All Goals & Extended Highlights – Friendly 04/08/2018 HD

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MRacer GTR17 says:

Visca el Barça!!!

GT Master says:

Is this like the amateur FC Barcelona team or something

AdriftChristian90 G says:

Leonel messi?

Donpasky Bree says:

Football is never fair.

ratedjosh says:

Very interesting shirts colors choice. I'd prefer both teams with blue shirts though. Would make the game clearer.

wic ch says:

Didn't expect that,but they are doing a great job.

Loris Gjyli says:

Forza milannnnnmnnnnnn

Janet González says:

No me gustan estos jugadores yo quiero ver a los meros del Barcelona donde están alguien ke me diga

Jeet Sonwani says:

Barcelona is nothing without Messi

Jessica Weaver says:

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weezy wizzy says:

How can the referee allow this? Freaking kit clash. Horrible to watch

Random Zone says:

Barcelona is dead

Edna Costa says:

o messi nem jogo

Raphael Kasiga says:

Sad how everyone is against the Milan win saying Barça should've won. Yet no one noticed the Donnaruma performance today… Kid's barely made it past 20

AD FO says:

1 shot Milan 1 Goal

AD FO says:

Cilessen is still in Barca ? His career is over

Sandip B says:

After the match, Gattuso said, “It is the actual beauty of football, it is the kind of thing you cannot copy & paste, I am a bit jealous of Barcelona’s model.”
”It is something that takes years to do, it’s how they feel the game.
”Even though Barcelona have players that look like kids, they touch the ball with such beauty.”

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