Internazionale Transfers: How will Inter line up in 2017/18? – (My Opinion)

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Welcome to the transfer news for Internazionale. I have made my prediction to how Inter will lineup for the 2017/18 season. I would like to know your opinion down in the comment section.

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Samuel Martiš says:

Skriniar is slovakia not poland handarovic iis slovinija not slovakia

Ranjan Giri says:

this could be the world class team and can win the UCL

Fifajesius says:


beatty1229 says:

You were so close!!!

Mathurin Arnaud says:

Skriniar est Slovaque pas Polonais

pitbullash says:

Lol, skriniar plays for slovakia, not poland

Jasa Drobnjak says:

handanovic is from SLOVENIA MY COUNTRY YOU …

Agus Aritonang says:

icardi out, diego costa in….

برامج تعليمية Educational Programs says:

all good but Gagliardini & Dramian NO

BAngelZ 09 says:

No D'ambrosio , Medel but well di maria how so? Also rather have jovetic than jao

Realist Ent. says:

u should do 1st 2nd and 3rd instead of JUST most likely

Gemtix lp says:

Skriniar slovakia

Mahalamat says:

You know what inter will try to seal the deal of darren fletcher from wba, patrice evra from free agent, cristian gonzales from arema, carlton cole from persib and last but not least lord atep from persib and thats a wrap

Definitely Not Brian Melendez says:

Not a bad line up at all. Di Maria is a bit of a stretch but anything can happen! Inter should focus on their defence for the rest of the transfer window! #ForzaInter #amala

Mochammad Saeful Hikmat says:

Forza Inter #Amala

Leonardo Chiatante says:

smettila di drogarti, gagliardini e valero preferiti a vidal e nainggolan?! su che mondo?

Leonardo Chiatante says:

chi non ha pensato: "non perdere tempo a scrivere metti vidal!"

Lele Iacca says:

Well fucking done

I like it!

Vincent says:

is this a bad JOKE

Mohammed Ghani says:

DI MARIA WTF is this shit official

Mr.Black Star says:

Stop dreaming Di Maria never goes to Inter because Inter is to bad for him he like to play international

Tonny Agung says:

kasihan nya..terlalu mimpi dan berharap..bawa2 Darmian lagi..klo bikin prediksi l,yg masuk akal lah..jangan lebay,MALUU WOIII????

Palo Griger says:

skriniar is from slovakia hahaha

The Kiwi Has Landed says:

Very solid line up

Mojca Zupan says:

Handanovic is for slovenia

berita terkini says:

mimpi bro hahaha forza milan

M Taufan says:

rodriguez is better than joao mario,mate

Jo Hari says:

Mimpi jgn tinggi 2

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