Liverpool v AC Milan CL Final 2005

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ITV’s video of the 2005 Champions league Final broadcast in 2007 before the Milan v Liverpool final


Alistair Kinnear says:

I cry every time.

Jamie Rodgers says:

Am I the only one that thinks that Rafa Benitez sounds a bit Scouse at about 0:36? ?

Steven Sutanto says:

that comentator xD

Jaydee says:

An unrepeatable match that made history

The Undisputed says:

Hard to believe that this brilliant final was only 10 years ago. Now both Liverpool and Milan are in a crisis, it's so sad to see.

Dee Pee says:

The Greatest Fans ever Won this Game……if you look for the best comebacks ever or greatest games Liverpool is always involved Win Loose or Draw..YNWA

Ashraf Alaa says:

Gerrard dived? He would have scored anyway.

Anniyan1992 says:

That was a disgraceful dive from Gerrard… Pause at 1:29 to see it for yourself… Gatusao was so far being and Gerrard dived.. 

Bruno de Gois says:

…then São Paulo won Liverpool a few months later. 🙂

boggyb says:

still get shivers, my god

John Scott says:

I am a Rangers fan and that was a sensational comeback, it was great to see Liverpool win the big one after such a long time.

perssonz says:

sometime its okey for grown men to cry

Hann Louisee says:

Best night of my life ever. Glad that I was one of the lucky ones to witness this happen. Cried my heart out.

RandomVideos4everyone says:

he would have scored anyway was not a dive and well played to them they won yes 🙂

thx1168 says:

truth hurts, Fizle

MrFascinate says:

Miracles are possible…YNWA..go REDS…!!!

randomuserlfc says:

1:07 – oh my

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