PES 2012 – Manchester United vs AC Milan [Full HD]

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Gameplay manchester united vs ac milan showing the new demo of PES 2012

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việt nguyễn quốc says:

a pu chi ku ku???

189subin says:

i like pes but i like fifa more than pes coz fifa's gameplay is almost realistic!!!

Matias Lopez says:

jugas para el orto

Chuck Norris says:

fuck you lucas

Jamil Absi says:

Don't dare talk about pes fifa sucks unreal

11mihai0980 says:

your dick is unreal

Sergio Chavez says:

people stop fighting gtfo if u a fifa fan. watch fifa

benno_m8 says:

Let's face it pes is maddest graphics but gameplay is reaaaly unrealistic overall average

tube96000 says:

Why is the referee in yellow suit?? They usually aint no yellow suits in the real soccer, and they look like goalies :DD

KingDud says:

Fifa is harder to score than PES.. especially playing with people.. crosses are unaccurate

Lazar Sorak says:

pes 12 have better "MY PLAYER MODE" than fifa.

joe joe says:

I have both fifa and pes 12 and I play them both equaly. They are both great games!

Francesco Melis says:

Fifa Real .. Pes Shit

KingTomislavZG says:

PES is shit now. Fifa was shit, and PES was bether, until Fifa 12. Now the difference between Fifa 12, and all other fifas, and all other PES are like 10 years of gaming science! Fifa 12 is simply incompareable with any other football simulation game, its so much advanced in every way. PES will really have to make an effort for PES 13 if they want to keep up with Fifa.

Muhammad Haikal says:

why u don complain that to old gen games??? like fifa 98
why now u want complain that this unreal???
shame on kid
only know talk bitch

Sam Ster says:

pes=better graphics, terrible animations

Euripidis Baimakis says:

i need more goals

Euripidis Baimakis says:

it isnt a good match

Killemall says:

fifa sucks every match is like the same, so boring

Jeypo 7 says:

3:24 what a fool

Felipe Augusto Krebs says:

ps3 or pc?? good pick

King Vinny says:

the fans in the game are shoutin fifa fifa fifa at the beginin

Grobar says:

I agree about the crosses, but they are not running too fast, you can also adjust game speed..

Furuta says:

hahahahaha u make me fuckin smile :)))) pes sucks (on pc)

vezirimerdo says:

I think you played diffcult easy not legend or hard

Ashiful Islam says:

if you cheat then yes the players are fast but if you dont they r in normal speed

jj flash says:

Abate is Usain Bolt in pes 12

idontknow8102 says:

This is 'Pro evouliton Soccer' no football soccer ! soccer is different from football

TheAdskidids1 says:

pes seems to revolve entirely around crossing and heading… also its FOOTBALL, not soccer…

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