Messi Never Dive Vs 4 Ac Milan Players 12/3/2013

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elmagicomessi says:

fuck your fucking eyes

Joo Eek Cheon says:

Actually, there were 4 players AROUND Messi, 3 of whom TRIED to get the ball from him.

sToNe gARdEN says:

yeah and your black making 10g per year. bye

manniman82 says:

CR would have dived 3-4 times in that sequence and then throw 3-4 tantrums after each time the ref tells him to get the fuck up…

Leo Messi says:

thx for the video, it's the best to prove that Messi never dives like Ronaldo ,Di maria and madrid cheaters

ericch26 says:

Ballon d'Oro 5…Dont compare plz.

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