FA Cup Final 2005 – Penalty Kicks

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Arsenal v Manchester United

Arsenal won 5-4 on penalties

Date : 21 May 2005
Venue : Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Referee : Rob Styles (Hampshire)
Attendance : 71,876


Haroon Khan says:

That's why vieira was captain, rather than celebrating him scoring the winning penalty, went over to lehmann and acknowledged that his save led to the win

Remi de Greef says:

Edu didnt take a shot on penalty's because it was his last match. Thats why Roin van Persie took it.

Saparmurat Kalbekov says:

Van Persie shooting well

Jacek S says:

Nice to Viera to point at Lehman at the end. Unlike that Mac City chop in the league cup final

Mister FF1 says:

That game we were dominated and we would have lost it 9 times out of 10, but we didn't so happy

P GR says:

A tragic day for football. By far, far, far, far faaaaaaar the better team on the day lost. As one sided a cup final as anyone can remember without that team winning it.


I remember that game man u destroyed arsenal for 120 mins god knows how arsenal left that stadium with the cup . I know it was Leihman . Really funny because united beat arsenal at Emirates and they said we don't deserve it and was lucky because Motm de gea . When arsenal fans claim victory a couple of months ago because of so called luck then we better change the name on the cup..

RampantCrest says:

We are FA cup champions again! COYG!

Nathan Barnes says:

It's back boys!

Asgaard Norse says:

Arsenal won the FA Cup again in 2014 🙂

Michael De Santa says:

COYG! Wait for next year…Now we have won it…We will once again rule England. 

Invincieblez Music says:

My fellow Gooners. Its over…its all over

PS Chan says:

In less than 24 hours, Arsenal will lift the FA Cup again since 2005. Surely, it will not come down to penalty shoot out.

Einar Grude says:

Both these teams were so much better than today's versions off Man United and Arsenal. A real shame that the oil-clubs Chelsea and City are as dominant as they are, as I see no honour in their way of winning. 
I must say, now (well, it has been for a while now i suppose) that it is clear that Man United will not be winning the league this year that Liverpool may snatch it right under Abramovich's and Sheikh Mansour's noses.

Paul Soita says:

Little did Viera know that it was actually the last goal for Arsenal in years that could lead to lifting any other cup

Paul Soita says:

Little did Viera know that it was actually the last goal for Arsenal in years that could lead to lifting any other cup

1920viola says:

It could happen again! Keep the faith!

Ray Jackson says:

I just picked up that very same grey/black Arsenal O2 2004-05 GK jersey as worn by Jens Lehmann in this epic FA Cup Final (new with tags) on eBay in Men's size XL, and I can't wait to add the 2005-06 GK jersey that is still up on eBay once I get my next paycheck this Friday. I already own goalkeeper shirts from the 2002-03 and 2003-04 seasons.

GO ARSENAL COYG!!! WE WILL WIN THE FA CUP AND THE LEAGUE double and end this so-called "Curse Of Emirates" that has been with us ever since leaving Highbury at the end of the 2005-06 season!!!

sandocean17 says:

Im hoping Arsenal to win on sunday

Urme Hamid says:

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liselle says:

Back in the day when the FA cup meant something…………


you won the 4th place trophy last year remember

Steven Elliott says:

Funny seeing fans of other teams gettin scared now arsenal have shown that they have money by buying the best player in the prem since Ronaldo can't wait till January when we'll still be top and start spending even more money

Edgy Combe says:

Jens won us this game. The End. Sadly Manure will never have the chance to beat us in a F.A. Cup Final again. so it's 2-0

Nathanbmajor7 says:

Wish we could win a trophy again, miss those days.

Tony Teh says:

damn i miss watching mad jens

MrZanism says:

good old day :')

Adz Dharan says:

right sound mate

milllybob says:

ljumberg, van nistelrooy, vieira, keane, man i miss these players

Adz Dharan says:

made it when i was about 8…and your tramp talk makes you sound like chavvy scum

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