Man Utd vs Brazil: penalty shootout fifa 09

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Man Utd (Champions leaque and Barclays winner) vs Brazil (World Cup winners for many years)


VerZaceAhmad says:

its probably cuss its on the ps2

Swifty says:

A club versus a international team,yea very good -.-

Martin Rajkovski says:

noob controling the keeper hahahah what an idiot???!!!???

elijuskl says:

Club vs Country?

Gabriel Maia says:


DiegoMJHDBrasil says:


Ednelson Alves says:

o pc do ruim eim báh

guilherme kauan says:

q merda e essa

snipermanbran says:

@BTWhq is on ps1 lol

itachi hatake says:

Bad pc why u play fifa its is………buLL shet slow motion

Arnab Chakraborty says:

What a fast computer!

lamethoderuiz says:

quand ils tirent, ils ont des bons petits culs de pédales

Maru Ponsiglione says:

que graficossssss

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