AC Milan with Ronaldinho

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A tribute to AC Milan and their newest player, number 80, Ronaldinho!


Phenom Phenom14 says:

Shevchenko was my favorite milan player ever.

karandipsohal says:

i think it wont be too long when AC milan try to bring in a load of new players to fill in the gaps of the 30+ year olds.

Milos Radakovic says:

NOw Ronaldinho work rly hard so he can be again #1 😀 i wish him GL…

Stay’s MuM says:

i dont recon they can win it… with real madrid now!

king cat says:

ronaldinho wants to win the champions with milan now he will be working hard !

12KomBaS12 says:

what is the name of the song?

AllwaysRockOn says:

You know, some people say Kaká+Ronaldinho= too much of the good stuff, but they have proofed that they play very well together. I think Ronaldinho found the right club for him, cause he is scoring many goals in Milan.

ayan528 says:

Milan also added beckham for 4 months but i think that was unnecessary…they already have enough power

ayan528 says:

dude check the serie A standings

Paintballpdh19 says:

yeah hes good too but not an evry day player sort of.

dave1190 says:

and Nesta?????????

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