Manchester United vs Chelsea 3 – 0 EPL 2008 – 2009

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Anggito Buana says:

Oktober 2018

Nathan Murray says:

I loved seeing the Ronaldo/Lampard joke!
I remember watching this match and Ronaldo was already yellow carded before that challenge!
Two champions going at it!

Lanina Bulkin says:

lampard so sweet.

ノックアウトストリーム says:

3:34 Nice guy…

Fackmylife says:

Here I am in Manchester, 2018, watching two United Kingdom teams playing football at one of Britain's biggest stadiums……………….yet I cannot understand a fucking word of the commentary!!

Tris Matu says:

And I forgot we had Mikel In that midfield too

Tris Matu says:

Why Mourinho played Deco on the left wing this line up was terrible and he had ballack too that’s a slow as midfield compare to Man U pace and quick counter.. Man U that year was ?? and I’m a Chelsea fan

Black lightning says:

It's damn shame that am reduced to watching old matches for enjoyment. 3 defensive managers since Sir Alex DAMN I DISLIKE Woodword

kashif says:

if only we could play like this rn

tukaunama says:

United help by their legend. Howard webb

핸드폰 says:

I miss sir Alex Ferguson Manchester united

Ian Leo says:

The passion in the United players, admirable!!!!?

Sam Partogi says:

1:59 2:20 United actually "scored" 2 goals under 60 seconds. We were beast back then

Asep Setiawan says:

Wasit fans united

Shahzad Irani says:

THAT corner goal (Ronaldo goal) was such a genius tactic worked out in training. Lol at the referees who didn't see it. Anyways, United scored from the next corner (VIDIC).

Trieu Nguyên Van says:

WerrDorrpni wa nhien sig day huyen thaoi mubronando ko co sao ay cug phai wi goi mese hi ah ay sug dag cau thu so 2 the gioi neu duoi thoi ongmonhiho bit choi theo kieu alex thi ko phai mat c va ngoi dau hag ah

הדר וקנין says:

This United was a beast.

lasha guleishvili says:

au ra golebi gavida magis :d (y)

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