Champions League Final: Milan vs Juventus 2003 (Old Trafford)

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Champions League Final from 2003 – Milan vs Juventus.

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Claudio Escobar says:

Juve merda…ladri schifosi…in Europa fate pena…in Italia vincete perche rubate…merde!

klinseyh bewklung says:

la mejor final de la historia

Leonardo Boaventura says:


3 3 says:

Ancora godo dio porco…

9 p says:

Why the fuck would you use this song on a football video for fuck's sake?!

Mr Cebolla says:

Dida se adelanto

Wawan Wan says:

Not juve..not inter..but is milan..the king champions league from italy…

Salvatore Mazzei says:

Forza Milan, Milan mondiale , alzala Maldini alzala!!! 7 Champions League

Richard M says:

Original choice of music

20 Times Man United says:

2:18 Buffon and Juve have been so unlucky.

Gonzalo Martínez Romero says:

Please tell me were to get this full game in this quality, thanks!

Mark Kochubey says:


Ema says:

hala Madrid

Daniel Sanchez says:

Lol all these Milan fans celebrating a win from more than 10 years ago.

LC channel says:

kaladze #4 <3

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