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Andriya Pradipta Karim says:

4 – 3 – 3


Abate – Dragovic – Bonucci – Gomez

Honda – Oscar – Isco

Silva – Belotti – Papu

Andriya Pradipta Karim says:

4 – 3 – 3


Conti – Musacchio – Romagnoli – Ricardo Rodriguez

Fabregas – Calhanoglu – Bonaventura

Diego Costa – Bacca – Deulofeu

amund Pedersen says:

What update do you have

alex webley says:

Bonucci signed for Milan

MaxingMinecraft says:

Jesus corona?

AK 179 says:

how did you get chalanoglu back to the game

Duje Orlandini says:

where is adrien silva

g4briel 666 says:

face reaveal at 100k or 150k subs ?????

Brynner Soh says:

My balls are itchy

simpzyfan s.f says:

yet again i think Diego Costa would come to a team like ac milan i think diego costa might have this in his sight. also i think the players you should put in that team is kaka,aubmanyang, and zlatan ibrah

Ahmad Hussain says:

can you do a RB Leipzig career mode

Jovany Ortega says:

you should do Barcelona potential squad

Žygimantas Augė says:

do barcelona, dortmund and bayern munich

Puuha Pete says:

Barcelona signed Deulofeu already

Yarin Maimon says:

Deulofeu sign for Barca

Anthony Salerno says:

Calhanoglu signed a week ago for Milan…..

Regan Oddy says:

Luciano spatelli is inter manager

Alex Barça says:

Deulofeu singed for barça

Shallow Point says:

Do a Man Utd one

The Courageous Crew says:

That team makes me sick, Borini centre mid, get your facts right before making a video

W TH says:

I thought Barca signed Deulofeu?

Jurica Biluš says:

hello there

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