Football Manager 2016 – AC Milan Club/Squad Guide

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FM16 AC Milan Team and Player guide. let me know in the comments which team you want to see next

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Tom Shannon says:

In real tears at the dives into tacos shout hahaha

Chucky 86 says:

A Bayer Leverkusen guide would be nice!

Pan Cyga przejmuje interesy starych says:

naucz sie czytac kurwa

maVericK says:

oms you'r so bad with Italian names hahah…good guide tho 🙂

Mathieu King says:

Do a Bayern Munich Club/Squad Guide please

oakster says:

Do Benfica next, plenty of interesting prospects

SuperFartlighter says:

Why are Luiz Adriano's old clubs covered up?

danosfc says:

Could you do Southampton Please

S says:

Trust me Antonelli is a boss

MilesQPR says:

I've got an ac Milan save at the moment I play 433 with one holding mid came 2nd on first season got a shit tonne of money and tbh think I'll just keep dominating the league my tactic for first season was literally sell everyone and buy future talent ie that Monaco kid, deli Ali rugs I etc fun to play with thoufh

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