Robinho 2010-Ready for World Cup -Robinho to AC Milan

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After long injury,Robinho moved to Santos on loan…There he showed some great skills and goals.He was Brazil’s best player in the friendly maches and scored 4 goals.Today, he plays his first game against Korea where
he will show that he is one of the best players in the world….

Good luck Robinho!


Jonathan Ermi says:

3:52 crazy stuff

Liron Benjamin says:

ahhh……that music, STOP IT!!!

NewsTubeZR says:

gay song…..

José Diogo Peixoto says:

Vejam esse –> /watch?v=LHc37va01IM

Renan Douglas says:

BRASIL !!! *-*

João Vitor Granzotti says:

Nenhum de voc~es talves entenda mas o robinho não é simplesmente melhor que messi ou que qualquer outro ele é o futebol felicidade o futebol arte quando o robinho entra em campo le nunca entra pra jogar ele entra pra humilhar ele tem santos nas veias o futebol dele é arte é alegria e eu digo isso com orgulho robinho o rei !REI !

Danilo Castro says:

3:57 , ROBINHO = GOD

gleidis falcão says:

robimho 100

gleidis falcão says:

robinho 100% melhor que messi

Benjamin Arriaga says:

@Ddz98 its almost tha same song for every video of my fav player i watch, pretty annoying…

jdotman09 says:

@realrasmckhaile he scored 2

awilliams121187 says:

What's with the new gay music the original music fit the video so well.

by63 says:

That one touch flick over the defender's head…holy jesus.

Darren Sibolibane says:

good video but the song creeps me out

Smolek Bazturk says:

@goodall46 Ibra has been a king the last games with sweden im a swede so i know.

Natalie Mullins says:

@realrasmckhaile so true. when u think about it there are really barely any english players who dnt play in the premier league

Balthinho says:

@bibiadia, realrasmckhail answered to you"How could anyone play exceptional with Caciedo and Ireland? Is C.Ronaldo exceptional playing for Portugal, Messi for Argentina? " ….Ibrahimovic with sweden etc…

Btw, Quitting Brazil at the top 5 and coming back 10years after and still being in the top 5 isn't easy, I'm talking about Brazil man! there's no country with more new skilled players each years! be honnest!

And I also hope the new Milan Ac will rock!

Peace dude!

Darren Sibolibane says:

who is better cristiano ronaldo or robinho?

Tito Schipa says:


Balthinho says:

@bibiadia He was at Santos because he was sick of Manchester City and City was also tired of him so he got back to his former club and reached the top 5 of the best players in Brazil. So I agree that he isn't yet on the top in Europe for the moment, but just wait a few months (if no injury). He is now stronger thanks to the premier league and more skillfull thanks to his return in Santos last season.
And now he is in Milan with his old mates Pato, Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva…

Forza Rossoneri says:

A.C Milan just bought up Robinho for 19 million euros, now with Zlatan, Dinho, Pato AND Robinho we have the best front line in the world. Do i smell a Champions League and Scudetto double?

matteo zabot says:

loo voglioo al milaan *__*

anxofarmesto says:

Eu sou galego,mas estudei português e inglês desde menino.
Do Robinho quería dizer que nao triunfou no Madrid,nunca teve um ano realmente bom…era muito individualista e sempre tinha problemas na equipa…nao encaixaba bem e os companheiros nao tinham boa relaçao com ele,nom era tampouco um jogador de fazer muitos golos.
Fui uma decepçao no Madrid e no Manchester City fez um bom ano,depois marchou a Brasil e agora nao o querem na equipa…e nunca um treinador falou bem de Robinho…por algo é.

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