Balotelli: Racism makes me feel alone

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A.C. Milan players Mario Balotelli and Sulley Muntari talks to CNN’s Pedro Pinto about their experiences with racism. For more CNN videos, visit our site at


Roman Darius says:

Jewish CNN will never condemn Israel! Now that I got that out of the way, the only racism I see in Europe is how France won the 2018 World Cup with less that 5 white people, all the rest were black!!! Why doesn't the French Team have French People represent them?

Fortnite_ _Blu says:

why always me?

Roman Darius says:

Two Points! A. CNN is Jewish Controlled and Israel has a Jewish Only immigration policy. B. South Africa has told the white farmers to hand over their farms or be killed, much of Africa has pushed out the white people. Time for us Italians to let you blacks know that we don't want you in Italy either!

Sonia Elechukwu says:

I don't know why Italians are ignorant thats why they are still back world , leaving this country as soon as i finish my School

Eunice Schwarz says:

Even though he went through this, he never changed his attitude he just stayed calm.

Francesco Bonfiglio says:

Please play for Ghana not for Italy.

Adamu Fatima says:

Love from Ghana✌✌✌✌

Roman Darius says:

Remember, my fellow Italians. None of these blacks are condemning the genocide of white people in South Africa, instead they are crying over some Italian Hecklers. Well I say good for those Italians!

Roman Darius says:

CNN is Jewish Controlled Fake News! Many murders, rapes and robberies committed by black people in America by on white people, but CNN remains silent over that!!!!

Its Elizabeth says:



He was born and raised in Italy he’s Italian to me.

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