Ibrahimovic Kicks EVERYONE

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Ibra sure loves to kick


andrew7taylor says:

"I'm bored. What should I do? Oh yes, let's kick Robinho. Or Mexés. Or Strasser. Oh, what fun, kicking people in the head!"

The One says:

If he didn't jumpkick Mazeratti his career would have ended right there.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

1:37 "Ibra why"

Mushtaq Ahmad says:

Face palming myself ????

Highlights Hub says:

its his way of showing love….

Mario Oetze says:

Horrible editing

AnalogOpher says:

I would turn the other cheek. When Zlatan kicks you in the face you ask for more.

Jay Brogan says:

He’s tooo fucking funny

Samuel MK II says:

Zlatan should've been in the UFC

Rohan Kapoor says:

man i laughed so hard!

Alvmate says:

That just means he likes you

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