Ronaldo ► AC Milan vs. Napoli ◄ 13.01.2008 ► (two goals) 5:2

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Remember 13.01.2008: Ronaldos goals against Napoli — WATCH MY CHANNEL ! ! !


djoscuro84 says:

Counter attack Milan with Kakà Pato Ronaldo Pirlo and Seedorf!

Rubens Brito says:

10 anos depois olha eu aqui ??

Federico Di Giacomo says:

Grande Ronaldo forza milan eeeeee

Federico Di Giacomo says:

Grande Ronaldo goooooil

Gildisson Dos Santos Bernardo says:

o? tempo bom de Milan, que não volta mais,, "que pena"…

fixxxize™ says:

tis milan would destroy any team

Eliton Rufino Alves says:

milan 2007-208 the best team of europe

Re3v3s says:

What the name of music ?

giutip says:

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maria eduarda soares carrenho says:


Houssem Abdelkader says:

globus europa

얄청림 says:

3 brazilian duo

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