Ronaldinho vs celtic – 2003-04 – Camp Nou – [ roni TV ]

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Ronaldinho vs celtic – 2003-04 – Camp Nou – [ roni TV ]


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رونالدينهو – البرازيل
رونالدينيو – فلامينغو
روني دينهو برشلونة ميلان يوسف سيف
عصام الشوالي رؤوف خليف HD – hd


Dawn Broker says:

Ronaldinho's teammates were wasteful in front of goal.

zomgbat says:

Can't believe people put him in the same breath as Messi… amount of times he gives the ball away is criminal

Fútbol Total says:

0:51 joder

Cachito clips says:

Pure talent… When I see these kind of matches is when I am proud about making videos of him… The team didn't win but he did everything he could for another result… If he had had better teammates in those times, he might have won some tittle in that season with Barcelona.

omid noori says:

plz dont make bs just cuz ur messi fan like really admit it messi wat he is today is cuz of ronaldinho same as barcelona roni carried the team and r10 never said his fav player is messi he just said the best player right now is messi between cronaldo and messi r10 fav footballers r ronaldo brasilian onee and maradona like cmon admit that ronaldinho is greatest footballer u stupid messi fans dont make up bs

Givey 1916 says:

Yas Celtic better than barca hands down then. All the mony in the world cannot beat the pride and passion of the glasgow celtic.

Linh Lee says:

The Best Footballer in the World

Patrick Bytyqi says:

That fucking referee was blind or what? they cut ronaldinho in half :@

The Queen's Lad says:

does anybody seen valdes?

sergiorosa says:

Ronaldinho against Larsson! They would play on the same side some years later 🙂

bambini88 says:

shutup, you know nothing about football

Shando Humphrey says:

yeah exactly

MaadAzzGang says:

exactly. thats the problem kids dont realize since alot of them probably were like 7 years old when Dinho played for Barca. Barca now is basically what Ronaldinho and them built.

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