Barcelona vs AC Milan (2-2) UCL 2011/2012 – Goals and highlights

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Ahmet Emre Yörük says:

Fuck the speaker fuck russian language

Albaraa Humadi says:

nesta is so good, being 35 yrs old and being able to for the most part contain a prime record breaking messi. Fantastic defender.

Erick saja says:

Hahahaha 4:30, Old Nesta take down prime Messi..Messi overrated player..

mfadil ananta says:

Kangen Milan jaman ini

Leon Tanevski says:

milan's last good year

Mario Grieco says:

Qui eravamo ancora forti

Hest CHannel says:

Se acordaran de mi Mbappe sera el Pato de esta generación.

DanloS GRO says:

Barca vs Milan

Xyz player GENZO ARMY says:

Forza Milan forever

Alessandro Lippo says:


suhail latiff says:

EA needs to watch this 0:27 so that they can see how pace works

Ganan Wimalarajan says:

If barcelona had villa for Chelsea semis and Iniesta in the inter semis definitely would've won 4 in a row

Nord Africain says:

Quel tacle de nesta

Carlos Daniel says:


Yohannes Yebabe says:

Today the world football is low in real quality. One of the reason is that declining of Italian football.

Achraf Thanks says:

Messi messii

laloMPG says:

forza Milan

Pasterin says:

Cuando el Milan era el Milan

Fatih Çolak says:

Nesta, what a great defender!

GioZ Zzz says:


Glainal Paul says:

Barcelona with two non- defenders still got a draw

Kells Niglo says:

What happened to pato

katryel hamerski says:

Quando o Milan jogava

dany sanches says:

Pato is a good

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