Liverpool FC vs AC Milan CHL Final 2005

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Greatest football match in history!!!!


junin nicacio says:

passa os pênaltis sem corte,seu miserável,fdp,Dida pegou um pênalti no tempo normal…

Lipp Mann says:

Even Crespo scored. Of course Milan would lose.

Morthen Andersen says:

For me personally this video ended at 1:00. I liked the ending better like that..

ghostsolution says:

What is the first piece playing?

BlaizeV says:

It was a great match and an amazing comeback BUT Dudek cheated in the shootout to save two of those penalties. The ref should have ordered retakes. The rule even back then was the Goalie should not leave the line and Dudek was two or three yards off it for the Pirlo save. 

Not that it matters now of course

Shand0o says:

all of u liverpool fan's – pls dont forget Jerzy Dudek, like Benitez did.

Jake DV69 says:

dudek is my uncle im proud of him for what he has accomplished

James F Evers says:

I loved the way Andy Townsend say's… "What a save" … almost in disbelief… Dudek what a moment you gave us fans! Thank you…

Γιωργος Πολυζης says:

once a european champion always a european champion

MafiagameBR says:

Nunca vou esquecer esse jogo, foi incrível, mas nunca nunca mesmo vou esquecer da defesa do dudek contra o shevchenco os 2 mano a mano 1:56 

Peelyo says:

This game had so many amazing moments, but that double save by Dudek… I just don't know how he kept out the second one. As a die hard liverpool fan this brings me unbridled joy every time i watch it!

Guðmundur Bjarnason says:

i hate ac milan

theREALbigbluesfan says:

One of the best finals ever

Mark Luis says:

I hate Dudek because of this

Robert Buczynski says:

Polak Potrafi – Szacun Dudek

Shihab Hossain says:

wtf is wrong with you

PKruzen says:

I still get chills. Amazing.

Jordan Mcc says:

The description should say "the best champions league final in history "

Maciek Okunski says:

wykorzystalem to na turnieju dudek dance obornilem ale dobitka i gol

Marcel Krol says:

me and dudek support liverpool and we are both polish XD

obienala123 says:

Still get tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over

theoneandonly says:

ooo i always will remember this match..those emotions…dudek with that save..liverpool <3 miss those days

TBRHkyleHD says:

not even messing i almost cried

Michael Petrie says:

Goosebumps every time

Paul Tokjian says:

Best Save Ever! The Most Diff save Ever! Only Gordon Banks save tops that!

Joshilini says:

Such an emotional video!

BOBBY Pie says:

Impossible was 2 letters to long for LIVERPOOL

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