Manchester United vs AC Milan pre-season friendly match

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Man U lost – more details at


alewayne says:

col cazzo che il milan vinceva all'old trafford.


Zizi Maurinho says:

lmao—-> wasn't it Man City vs. AC Milan???? muhahaha…. this vid made my day

Josh Alidina says:

this is the most ridiculous comment i've ever seen lol!

Musallam Bseiso says:

Colorblind i guess..

rictommo101 says:

thats inter milan you dumb fucker

Alvin Wong says:

WOW. so ac got a new jersey. haha

rigenzea says:

it's only pre-season friendly

atlamom says:

hahahaha its inter not milan LOOOOL

Sunil Tamhankar says:

u stupid dumbfuck
its INTER.

Brill54 says:

it inter not ac you idiot

Tatum Wilson says:

wow this is fucking inter

Nuha Osman says:

thats inter milian retard!

12KomBaS12 says:

lol man THis is inter not ac milan LOL

Cheeseontoast123 says:

haha we smashed them in the champions league nd should have won at there ground aswll haha and jose thinks there the best in the world

SuperUltraDoubleMega says:

this is inter milan…. right?

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