PES 2009- Manchester United vs AC Milan Penalty Shootout

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My new PES 2009~


OG Mony says:

lol where is pirlo? best penalty shooter and you didn't let him shoot on ac milan xD

Markus Heero says:

pes is a piece of shit

Jonni Chu says:

your saving is good but your shooting sucks


loved it united

czeelo says:

zal ale ci tnie hhaha

soneX says:

fuckng shit grapics ?? WTF

lillukey11 says:

scholes hand went up ferdinands shorts…. gay much :p

JungleKitteh says:

PES was better on the ps2 by miles, but now fifa beats it on xbox and ps3, they NEED to change it ALOT

neversever1985 says:

you made a video of you playing PES??!! okay then

Arthur Harvey says:

i watch just to make fun of the game i wish they will not make it any more

and if you want to buy that game buy fifa

Arthur Harvey says:

@Fifa09FreeKickMaster fuck pes

Arthur Harvey says:

@3fif5000 go fifa

straith121 says:

the new pes is sooooooooooooooooo fucking bad theyve been getting worse for a while now but this is as low as it can get surley konami are fucking idiots ive only liked fifa 99 but this year fifa wins easily

RAFL94 says:

you can't blame the game. Blame the bad recoding camera. It's not smooth because of the camera. That's because it looks the way it does 😛

edward man says:

your so smart, and you no alot about soccer i would say!!!!

Gabriel Colt says:

well united played 3-0 and barca played 0-0

hande89 says:

1. FC Barcelona
2. ManU (my favorite)
3. AC Milan
4. Arsenal
5. Inter

That's my opinion.

SIMM0 says:

whats with the gay run ups

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