Highlights Barcelona 1-1 AC Milan – 25-08-2010

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Gamper Cup 2010
Friendly Match


Devito D says:

This was days before Ibrahimovic joined AC Milan

Thiago Luiz says:

Where do you find all this match? Please answer me.

IllyrianShaq says:

Inzaghi !!!

Stanciu Silviu says:

Incredibil 5:46

nikchris69 says:

Inzaghi, what a striker

Sebastian Lopez says:

asasffsasfasafafasfas Inzagi assdafadafafsfasfa

Krypto-Gamer says:


JACK says:

Inzaghi sick goal

MrMete1907 says:

Best match ever

Jonathan Mann says:

I was at this game but i was quite dissapointed because messi was only on the bench but anyway great goal by inzaghi

Camero56 says:

@KikuchiRinko the match is a friendly and your saying stuff like this. cmon mate show soem respect

samasima says:

the same history… barca attack and attack only 1 goal in like 30 opportunities, milan only needed one to score

robodoctors says:

goooo milan

jethro94 says:

ahahah ibrahimovic al barcellona a 0:26 chi l'avrebbe mai detto che un mese dopo…

milanista8888 says:

che parata sulla punizione di messi

googs94 says:

from 5:49 to to 6:38 i jizzed lol

GenioDnys says:

minkia k gol…..

Daniel Leikun says:


No he is not fast as hell, but he is not so slow…

devilantony krop says:

if ibra goal wasnt offside he would be in barca right now

ratetouli says:

in fifa 10 ibrahimovic is verryy slowlyyy but i real life he is fast likee hell XD

mahmoud eltourky says:

robinio tooooooooooooooooooo !!

mahmoud eltourky says:

i love inzagi sooooooooo much !! fantastic goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Hazhar Ghaderi says:

5:51 thats mental!!!

nanu toto says:

@MisterP302 ahhaahha der canal ist aus Kuwait, glaubst du der hat was verstanden was du geschrieben hast???? Ihr deutscher!!! hahahahaa

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