Zinedine Zidane || A Legend Tribute • HD • | By LeoMessiHD

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Zinedine Zidane tribute – By LeoMessiHD
Music : My Immortal – Evanescence
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miguel castillo escudero says:

no te olvidaremos zidane

Deni Jovanovic says:

Still after all this years,this video doesnt have more then 230k views,but the way ur video is done,so good,but people dont see it the way u do or me,ior anyone else,its just sad,but thats life my friend,its like i m watching story/movie,while listening to music,epic..
Video is done with so much care for Zidane,u can see this youtubers passio for football,speechless.
Wish ya all the best my friend..

Hamparzoum Gamburyan Khosrovanoush says:

Welcome To Real Madrid!!!!#halammadrid :DDD Our coach.

Renjith Reghunath says:

he will remain the best ever.. legends are not made they are born… #salute?

Kun Jules says:

not comment , the best

santi77an says:

Stupid is not a word to describe my comment … Stupid is thinking Messi is the best football player ever; I dunno how old r u, but I do really watched Zidane playing when he was playing in Juventus, and he just cracked it up; in RM he just confirmed he was one of the best players around the world and in history. Messi is a great player, but not even better than Van Basten, Zidane, Maradona, among others.

Don Wayne II says:

dont be stupid, listen i love zidane and id say hes top 3 of all time but messi is THE greatest footballer in history

venom1091 says:

That's because Barca's game is made for him.
Zidane is the one who makes the game. He was a leader , a inspiration for team.

Mohammad Allamy says:

Ha ali 200k views!!!

TheFootball799 says:

At least Zidane could lead his team to the finals TWICE. Messi cant pass his country pass the quarter finals. Therefore Zidane is better.

Panayiotis Charalampous says:


Danny Yousif says:

How many ballon d'ors have Zidane won ? and how many has Messi won…? Yes, that's right. Messi is better.

ryan tylar says:

LeoMessiHD is The fukin Best !!!!

Sean Walsh says:

its the opposite

gerson rodrigues says:

zinedine zidane you are a legend

youngpeople100 says:

Even if i like the spirit we have to say that u can't say messi is better than zidan, but you can't also say zidane is better than messi, they are different players who play(ed) in different roles with different styles, personally i liked zidane's style more than the actual style of messi , if i have to write my dream team zidane would be there, but also messi probably
Point of views ! That's why football is so amazing

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

in fifa zidane's volleys would be 100 and skills 7 stars and everything else 100

Raji says:

obviously!.. messi is only good playing with good support. zidane could do wonders himself

Irfaan Atia says:

Zidane makes football look like a piece of art, a symphony, a desert that you can't stop eating

sergio says:

Zidane + Ronaldo Phenomenon = the best´s ever

palkogabor says:

Evanescence – My Immortal!! Zidane and Ronaldo (brazil) are the greatest, no doubt!:)

Blogman66 says:

A tribute to Zinedine Zidane, a childhood hero to me, one of the greatest talent of the 21st century, to the one that can football an art piece and make it look so easy.

UNiK quentin says:

et le cou de boul a ce c……. de materazi il est ou ?
sinon bravo pour cette video

venom1091 says:

My favorite player . His class , his talent , his imagination in game no one has it .
P.S Soundtrack please ! 😀

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