Real Madrid vs. AC Milan 5-1 Goals & Highlights 8/8/2012

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Behind two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and goals from Angel Di Maria, Sergio Ramos and José María Callejón, Real Madrid defeated AC Milan 5-1 in the 2012 Herbalife World Football Challenge at Yankee Stadium AC Milan’s lone goal came courtesy of Robinho and an impressive pass sequence form the Italian giants.

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Fearless Deamon says:

Why I love the bronx I went to this game bleachers, then I went to United vs Liverpool and also Spain vs Ireland and now my favorite player Villa plays for NYCFC which i've supported ever since the third rail was created. And also I've been to multiple yankees games.

NYCTitans MC says:

Noceriño? TF is that

Moussa Sy says:

Napoli bought great Madrid players they should go for varane next

Bonnytom57 Lee26 says:


Zone Dangerz says:

I miss Higuain, Kaka, Di Maria & Callejon 🙁

iNSANiTY says:

xD HEEEGUAEEENNN Thats how the fucking americans pronounce it omfg

Juan lauren says:

I was there (:

One Above All says:

I was there

Sean Toner says:

what a crack by Angel Di Maria!!!!

Ruben T says:

Soccer should never be played in a baseball stadium. Just never.

F34R says:

I'm from the US and I'm forced to call it soccer b/c everyone assumes I'm talking about American Football but I hate calling it that. :/

Ridhwan Ramzi says:

Milan I have seen u lose many times but still I love u

Ahlam Boujou says:

ronaldo è una bastia

Éliphas Lévi says:

fucking commentary too busy with advertising tequila to pay attention to the game… smh

Kevins says:

KSI u are the Beast

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