AC Milan 0-0 AEK Athens | UEFA Europa League | REVIEW

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Gio reviews AC Milan 0-0 AEK Athens in the UEFA Europa League. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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- SoundMcGee - says:

There's no doubt…Montella has to leave! 100% if the next League game is lost YET AGAIN! 100%… should be dumb to not Sack him yet lol

- SoundMcGee - says:


DRV13 says:


v Berger says:

This is just not good enough

Adem7 Gurung says:

To attract more fans in our stadium we need to win,I don't want the stadium to not even have half full like previous seasons,if Fassona is going to keep giving more chances but the fan won't and the most important thing for a club is their fans

JFREY Carbajal says:

Montella probably has until the juve match to get the team back together, he may need time but while he is still preparing we might have nothing to fight for in the end

Kenneth Maximi says:

We can play 4-2-31

Kenneth Maximi says:

We need to pass more in the box's make the goal easy

Διονύσης ΑΕΚ says:

4-0 or 5-0? wtf. Your team sucks. In Athens milan will get exposed by AEK once again in front of 60.000 mad fans. ΑΕΚ ΓΑΜΑ ΤΗΝ ΜΙΛΑΝ ΤΗΝ ΠΟΥΤΑΝΑ.

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