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Kaze says:

why the fuck you still stall the deal with Lapadula instead of selling him?!?! every time you did the same stupid and boring mistakes… i will not follow anymore your stupid channel…

Liam Webster-Mcallister says:

dembele wheres 19 at spurs

João Silva says:

You simulate far too many games … i'm starting to dislike your career modes man

Calum Grindlay says:

2 seasons? How dull

FrenzyCo Zenzobar says:

Pls do a third season

hannah sands says:

Roma 3 days later Juventus 3 days later inter 3 days later arsenal! UNLUCKY!!!

Drew Magoo says:

Completely agree with EA needing to change the simulation in career mode. In my opinion, the "MLB The Show" series has it nailed down. You have as much control over the simulation as you want as far as situation tactics and player management, but the outcome is still random

Spencer kok says:

Please do play more games instead of simulating them 🙁

Hanad Mohamed says:

Can you please ep 30

Ayub Khalif says:

Baba Ramen ???

ItsHenrikzen says:

where is todays upload

Taher Aboulnaga says:

You said dembele was at spurs

James Ellis says:

You should change your channel name to CPU as it's the machine winning the league, not you. 20 minutes before a measly 3 minutes of action. It is as if you just can't wait to finish the season. If you can't be bothered playing matches then just turn it off! Sorry but a thumbs down from me today.

Riley Burnham says:

at 11:10 he said do do

Korab Krasniqi says:

Holy shit! Are you really this dumb? You can offer injured players in a deal…

Vince Petro says:

Stop this career. I doubt he wants to continue this and it's boring

Manny Gonzalez says:

I've done swap deals with injured players on FIFA 17…

Alex Green says:

If you're ending after season 2 then contracts aren't an issue???

A White says:

What instructions and tactics do you use with the 3-4-3 formation?

Leanne Cooper says:

Dembele is number 19 for Spurs

Doom Dope says:

Sign ousmane dembele as a replacement for blade

TobiTheGreatest says:

Mgh good luck v Arsenal you'll smash them there shit in the champions league

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