Clarence Seedorf – Footballs Greatest – Best Players in the World ✔

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Clarence Clyde Seedorf (born 1 April 1976) is a Dutch former footballer and former manager of A.C. Milan regarded by many as one of the best midfielders of his generation. Seedorf is one of the most decorated Dutch players ever. He is considered one of the most successful players in Champions League history, as he is the first and, currently, the only player to have won the Champions League with three different clubs – once with Ajax, in 1995, once with Real Madrid, in 1998, and twice with Milan, in 2003 and 2007. In 2004, he was chosen by Pelé as part of the FIFA 100.

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Ahmad Franklin JR says:

What a player he was..Pure Muscle on the field ,humble off the field…CS10

Waffles For Days says:

One of the most underrated legends of all time. Seedorf is a true legend

Sheeraad Hosaneea says:

Sometimes it’s just 。。。black

OjoRojo40 says:

I was also a star playing in Brasil,

Jawad H says:

4 champions league medals… and nowdays they say Neymar is relevant lol

Life is Short Be Good To People says:

Welcome to Cameroon, Clarence Seedorf.

Boattista Symphony says:

Dutch player is powerful midfield always.
Gullit , Rijkaard , Seedorf , davids and etc. But not now

XBR4Da says:

Serial winner. Amazing athleticism and skill, but even greater intelligence and determination. The complete midfielder

MRKLjinjang says:

Greatest ? This guy was a talentless monkey who rode on the backs of his team mates. LOL

Demba Sabally says:

He is best in what he those

MrGoalissimo says:

seedorf made the best out of the natural ability he had available to him he had ball control equal to the top players in world football the intelligence to be in the right place at the right time the vision to see the perfect pass the technique to score from anywhere on the pitch and the grit and strength similar to gattuso. In a game in which pace meant everything he managed to get the game to adapt to his strengths for that alone he shows himself up to be a top player in his day. Still in that milan side i really would put rui costa pirlo and kaka ahead of him in terms of effect on the games they played but hey to be in that kind of company is one hell of a achievement.

5555 glaglugli says:

very underrated player,
i think he is even better than scholes

F.U. Nayem says:


Kevin Joseph says:

the dark skin moussa dembele

nismo saloon says:

Wonderful amazing he's a brilliant footballer..

Mikesh Poudel says:

Hey make about kaka also

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