FIFA 12 – A.C. Milan vs Manchester City Gameplay (New)

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FIFA 12 Gameplay, comment what you think!

Chelsea FIFA 12 full stats:

Manchester United FIFA 12 full stats:

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Jordan Cooke says:

Since when does adebyor play for dity?

Matt Lynch says:

@12prinsen Plays nothing like 11

Biniam Berhane says:

This is exactly like FIFA 12

Reds3031 says:

who the fuck plays 4-2-4 with Milan

Kyle Wint says:

im a chelsea fan

Deadeye__Steve says:

@alfiedoddie you are a man utd fan and i am a Liverpool fan.who's watching more Liverpool games?obviously me.and i can safely say that Lucas is stable and solid and way underrated for that 78 overall rating.AT LEAST 80 he should have.cant wait to play Fifa 12 and buy Adam Johnson in Liverpool in carreer!i love this player so much! :)))
Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
A.Johnson Gerrard Adam Downing

Swanky™ says:

@iman424 i prefer darkwarez 😀

giusex27 says:

@77Metallica with all my respect, i think AC Milan deserves to be 5 stars, but Manchester United really deserved to be 5 stars too

Deadeye__Steve says:

@alfiedoddie Meireles and Aquilani as holding midfielders aint good.a holding midfielder must defend you know and both Meireles and Aquilani arent very good when it comes to defending.on the other hand,they are very good at passing and shoting.and saying that Lucas is garbage means you've never watched him play or you know nothing about football.and i didnt swear at you and you call me moron?fuck off

Fady Serhan says:

@iman424 There are mant cracks!!……and are you Iman that playing Tennis Elbow? i am Fady212

Florey96 says:

@PimHuijer12 You forgot about BATTLEFIELD 3

Iman Chaharlang says:

@koosimk How???

the pain says:

Typical innaccurate FIFA ratings.
PES has the advantage over FIFA with all the stats accuracy and team accuracy rates.
In the 2010/2011 campaign Man united acheived the Barclays premier league trophy, and a CL final, and a FA cup semi final? And Manc are better than them?

All manc acheived is the FA cup.

man united should be the best team i the EPL in this game by far

Victor Mark says:

@PimHuijer12 you firgot about uncharted 3 drake's deception..

nezosrebroHD says:

milan vs barcelona 2-2 lol barcelona dont win hahaha

MasterFootballSoccer says:

@77Metallica Who's dobby?

exray564 says:

@77Metallica Its Manchester City , Not United , Who Would Even Dare Reduce A Star From United ? !

Sam Prinsen says:

looks the same as fifa 11…

vort3xX1 says:

ibrahimovic 89 OMG oO

Kanis Kanem says:

los que juegas son unos paquetes….

TigerMilitia says:

Yes Harty! what a save! lol

TigerMilitia says:

Learn English.

carvajalino87 says:

fifa 12 and battlefield 3.. what else do you want? <3

AshleyCobyWalsh says:

Yaya toure 85! 😮 Hes gonna be well good

nathg1990yt says:

Still makes me laugh that people get so up themsleves about being better then "noobs" as if these people that enjoy the game but arent patically good should be ashamed or something….generally the people that arent as good have otherthings to concentrate on like real lives

Dan says:

@lazzara7 Cheers Dude, yeah i played the demo today 🙂

Harv lad says:


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