“There’s only one David Beckham” (Man UTD-Ac Milan)@Old Trafford

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Man UTD- AC Milan 4-0
David Beckham return to Old Trafford


Szilágyi Péter says:

And these moments ladies and gentlemen are why United fans are the best in the world.

udasan says:

It's been 4, 5 years now but reading the comments, I can't believe the idiocy of some people who think they were right and know everything. The irony of swiv2d's accusation about Beckham went downhill after he married Posh…well, guess what? He met Posh in 1997 and married her in 1999, then what did he do? He went on to give Man United the Treble, became the best English footballer ever for the next 7/8 years or so, being voted FIFA's 2nd Best Player in the world twice, became the Best Club Football Player in Europe, became the best free kick taker and the best crosser and passer in football for the next 15 years or so, won at least 3 more Cups for Man United before he left, won the league for Man United in his final season there, became the best assistant to goal in La Liga, not just Real Madrid, but La Liga! for 2 years in a row in 2005 and 2006, became Player of the Season for Real Madrid in 2005/2006, being praised and lauded as a great player by the best of the best in football, obviously…became captain for England. In fact, one of the best captains for England as claimed by managers and players like Stevie G, Terry, Seaman and so on. All of these were accomplished after he met Posh. Oh yeah…he went downhill alright. 

Amp says:

Zidane is amazing, I didn't say that Beckham sucks, I'm saying that after a certain period he started to suck that was when the fame got to him, beofre that he was incredible.

rcades1234 says:

but your talking about someone who won everything at united became england captain,he then goes to real madrid and players like zidane ronaldo and carlos and raul say he is an amazing footballer. nearly every top footballer considers him great but you say he aint that good. so really you have made a cheap point unless you think zidane views don't mean anything or top pro footballers worldwide have all got it wrong. you obviously don't think zidane is any good because you won't believe him

Amp says:

Oh wow guess you figured me out dumbass. Just because jealous just cause people have an opinion about someone doesn't mean they're jealous, that is such a cheap point to make when people can't defend a statement. I guess that's like saying because you made a comment about me that makes you jealous… : )

rcades1234 says:

hahaha if anything beckham is the most underrated player. outside of england they think hes amazing. english people like you get insanely jealous of someone who has everything.

Amp says:

Yes because I have an opinion about something you may disagree with, it automatically means that I don't watch football. I know a lot of fans still have a raging hard on for his performance against Greece but that was Greece for the love of god. He hasn't been effective in any world cup or tournament. After a certain point in his career all he did was long ball it all the time and didn't even bother to move forward.

rcades1234 says:

obviously don't watch football mate. cos you couldn't be more wrong.

Amp says:

No heck no not to be funny but after he married Posh that's where it went downhill. He kept sucking for England.

TheBlueDevilz says:

Chills. Every time.

Love the "Fergie! Sign him up!" at the end

Steve Pick says:

Goosebumps Deluxe!!!

udasan says:

Thanks for posting this! Really gives me a hell of a goosebump when they whole stadium cheered him when he came on, then when the whole stadium singing his song, then when the whole stadium singing/chanting for Fergie to sign him up (unfortunately you only got just a little bit of that part in the end :(). He is a legend!

خالد محمد says:


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