AC Milan | Derrick Rose in rossonero 2013/2014

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Tanti tifosi e tanti campioni: anche Derrick Rose è rossonero!
Il campione dell’NBA ha ricevuto in anteprima la nuova maglia della la stagione 13/14 durante il suo week end a Milano.
Ecco le immagini in esclusiva!

Lots of fans and champions: Derrick Rose is a true rossonero!
The NBA superstar received the preview of the 13/14 season’s shirt while in Milan.
Here is the exclusive video report!


pepcirtus says:

J cole, d rose and milan.. Great success

J.A.27 says:

Derrick Rose our next goalkeeper!

1damiano93 says:

Prawda jest taka, że Bryant,Djoko czy Bon Jovi przyjeżdżają po darmowa koszulkę by później pojechać do Barcelony czy gdziekolwiek i udawać fana od dzieciństwa ,z Rosem nie wiem jak jest ,ale nawet Djoko którego uważałem za fana Milanu do chwili gdy był bodaj w siedzibie Interu i trzymał koszulkę merd, smutne ale prawdziwe, Forza Milan.

David Schmid says:

what's the song ?

lrkds says:

obviously, rose probably dosnt even know soccer

cushin13 says:

" Forza " Means " Force " which directly translates to قوة

mohammed almarri says:

i'm sorry my friend, but google translator lied to you.
the arabic phrase should be like " يحيى ميلان"
instead of " قوة ميلان"

GZNBA89 says:

Scommetto che se l'adidas fosse lo sponsor dell'Inter e la nike del Milan, Rose sarebbe tifoso nerazzurro…

lrkds says:

in saudi you dont know football and your players sucks

lrkds says:

derrick rose dont give a fuck about soccer…this is just an adidas move

cushin13 says:

Haha no one supports Bayern outside of Germany.

Here in Saudi the 5 most popular teams : Barca, Milan, Man Utd, Juventus and Madrid.

Barca and Man U are not " Way More popular" they are less popular in some countries and more popular in some other countries. It depends.

TheMadeMan89 says:

i used to see derrick rose here and there in memphis during his one year of college. i knew he was a great player, but he has risen to worldwide fame very quickly

TheMadeMan89 says:

and what does that make you?

jdomnhl17 says:

Rose is a pussy

Mario_Novelli says:


Johnlim40 says:

welcome ! rose !

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