AC Milan 3-2 Sampdoria | Suso Strike Settles San Siro Thriller | Serie A

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Suso hit a terrific deciding goal as AC Milan eased the growing pressure on Gennaro Gattuso with an entertaining 3-2 home win against Sampdoria.

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Simon Pfurter says:

qual è il titolo della musica quando Milano segna?

vinicios rocha says:

Traga devido Neres

Jamal Tjon-A-San says:

I actually like this commentator, he lives with the match and the names are pronounced proper.

Xamar Boss says:

Bring suso to juve.

Epic Duck v.2 says:

Whats wrong with this channel commentators

jakub mar says:

that commentator is classic,I know him for his long commentary at serie A (maybe 10 or more years).

Ahmed El Sharief says:

Forza Milan ? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫? ⚫

Windu Sy says:

Don't care about the commentator voice… The most important thing is… SUSOOOOOOOOO!! VIVA MILAN!

Iman Maman says:

Forza Milan

steve baggio says:

Forza Milan a great win hopefully we can keep it up we need to get back in the champions league:)

Shiven Nayager says:

Never want to hear that voice again. But I will.

wldbenghazi says:

Anoying shiti commentator ????

Kamil Sarızeybek says:

Daffy duck' commentating….

Owain Roberts says:

At first thought was a woman haha

Gama 2Santos says:

Diavolo ale ale ale… Ale ale ale, ale ale ale… Diavolo :3

Coke HH says:

The Song when Cutrone make the goal??

Bruno Makaveli says:

Suso joga muito slc

Esmael Mohanad says:

مبروك ميلان

uğur uzun says:

suso is top class

CSKA 04 says:

Zombie nation is a good song

Rubert says:

Musacchio did not have a good game

Ian Williams says:

Gattuso is going to get the sack soon

james KAR says:

farmers league garbage.

encik president says:

asal suara cam pondan?

Lahem Galbrian09 says:

aPa judul lagu nya pas selebrasi gol

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