(Away) Man. Utd vs Barcelona (Home):Penalty Shootout fifa 09

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Im using Man. Utd.

Season: Winter
Time: Day
Stadium: Camp Nou


Marin Razvan says:

cum i misca jocu si bunica are calculator mai bun =)))))))

pappa542 says:

this video rocks cuz man utd wins !!! vote up !

MrRice4life says:

Holy Crap! the nets are rock hard!!!! stopped the balls instantly 😀

Duy Bui says:

u retard u let mu win, in real life mu cant even have a tie with barca

Tam pham says:


cescdani1 says:

Fifa 09 sucks fifa 10 better

Memo Sosa says:

Its From Halo 2

alyssa demartini says:

how do you pick barcelona as your team on fifa 09 ps2?

MrsTharaaaa says:

what is it for song

Brad Jardine says:

Yeah cos PES has big signs behind the goal that read 'lets fifa 09' Muppett.

Gabriel Colt says:

this is pes

oscarpink says:

barcelona>man u

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