Inter Milan 2-0 Bayern Munich 2010 Champions League Final HD/720P

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Inter Milan 2-0 Bayern Munich 2010 Champions League Final HD/720P
All goals & Highlights Commentary
todos los goles y resumen completo
Alle Tore & Highlights mit Kommentar
Tous les Buts et moments forts
جميع الأهداف و ملخص المباراة بالتعليق,
Alle mål og høydepunkter kommentar
tutti i gol e gli highlights commentati
모든 골 하이라이트 해설

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Martin Pereira says:

jajjaja fck u bayern u trash
pa tu casa

Ngan Jason says:

This Bayern jersey is ugly as fuck?

Andye SetiaOne says:


Arthur Meboe says:

Balotelli a gagné la champions league.

aditya saurav says:

It is not that Mourinho's tactics are outdated…it is just that the player culture has changed significantly over the past 5 to 8 years.
Players no longer want to sit back and defend a 1-0 or a 2-1 lead…they want to have more of the ball and express themselves.
The days of sitting back and being incredibly organized to defend opposition attacks for a prolonged period of time is long gone.
I do believe that the emergence of Guardiola and the development of intricate possession football has shifted attitudes in players who prefer freedom of expression on the pitch rather than just getting the job done.
For Mourinho to succeed in his further endeavours he has to go to a smaller club where he will have to deal with fewer egos than at big clubs where players with superior levels of talent expect a certain degree of freedom irrespective of the scorelines in a game which is often different from Mourinho's philosophy.
But I still do believe that Mourinho is one of the great pragmatists of the game….he knows how to negate an opposition but the problem is very few players are willing to go down that road….and it's understandable from a player's perspective.

Saiful Azli says:

While at Inter.. He had use 2 strikers..that was look so dangerous.. But at Man U.. He using only one lone striker..

AJ Venez says:

Inter ????

irvanCrocs says:

I have said it and i will say it again: Diego Milito is sooo underrated…!! He rarely got a fame and recognition he truly deserved..

sudip sharma says:


Anav Maurya says:

Italy vs Germany

fendiofnight says:

Inter cheating. Typical Mourinho

laymanOS says:

People saying Sneijder should've won the ballon d'or are just a bunch of kids thinking it should be given to the one winning the CL. If anyone that was robbed that year then it's Iniesta. Now if you're comparing Sneijder to Iniesta then you should probably stop wasting your time watching football, it's clearly not for you stupid fucks.

G Glodz says:

Ballon Dor robbed from Inter players. Sneijder or Etoo should have won it but NO it just had to be Messi

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